Our Ambassador Jewelz



“Enter the sweet world of Jewelz:

Where flavor meets fun in every scoop!”





Born and bred in Wylieville, let me introduce you to Jewelz, the vibrant and delightful mascot of our brand! Alongside her are her two adorable cousins, both female. The first, Happi, radiates warmth and joy with her cuddly and sunny disposition. The other cousin, Mischief, may be cute, but she's a bit of a mischievous kitty, known for her playful antics.


Jewelz, Happi, and Mischief share a passion for ice cream and cookies, indulging in the delights of Wylieville where waffle cones and heart-shaped raspberry cookies abound. While they all adore strawberry ice cream, each has her adventurous twist.


Jewelz's favorite treat is a strawberry-flavored delight topped with a heart-shaped raspberry cookie. She's known for her ingenious way of turning her ice cream into a milkshake by sipping the melted goodness through a straw at the cone's bottom. At just eight years old, Jewelz embodies youthful exuberance and wonder, enchanting every scene she graces, including her memorable cameo in the delightful ice cream scene of Operation Milkstorm.


With her playful spirit, Jewelz captivates hearts of all ages, making her the perfect ambassador for our brand.


Happi enjoys enhancing her strawberry ice cream with rainbow-colored sprinkles and a drizzle of caramel sauce, adding her unique touch of sweetness. Meanwhile, Mischief delights in a swirl of strawberry and mint ice cream, crowned with chunks of chocolate chip cookies for an extra indulgent treat.


Children and families alike adore and will continue to adore the trio as they become cameo characters in enchanting Wylieville stories. Their lovable personalities and heartwarming adventures resonate with audiences of all ages, bringing joy and excitement to every tale. These three lovable characters embody the essence of our brand: creativity,  joy,  and the simple pleasures of life in Wylieville.